The Player Deck

This product is now out of print.  It was the precursor to the L Basing Compendium 

The Players Deck was developed in 2011, whilst teaching regular acroyoga classes at a venue with a marker board making it possible to graphically present sequences and lesson plans this spurred the idea of putting together cue cards which led to Bodhitrix launching its first product in 2011.

The deck presented images that have been strongly influenced by AcroYoga, partner yoga and European acrobatics.  We wanted to share the wonders and capabilities of the human form, through a series of simplified stick drawings that are both gender and size-neutral.    The Players Deck gave birth to your intention of inspiring collaborative play.

Who were these cards for?

We hope to inspire the enthusiast, practitioner and or teacher to believe in the randomness of chance and unfolding play!  Covering a spectrum of seven categories ranging from: –

  • partner stretches,
  • flying therapeutics,
  • L basing partner balancing on hand and feet,
  • standing partner balancing, 
  • counterbalances, and 
  • trio tricks

Each card has a simplified line drawing of poses that can be done with two or more people.  These cards can be used to help plan a sequence, class or workshop or even pulled out like a deck of cards for impromptu playing or jamming.

What these cards are not:

These cards should not replace the knowledge and expertise of an experienced teacher or attend regular acrobatic / acroyoga or other regular appropriate training.  There are no explanations given and we recommend attending classes with a certified professional or training with regular partners and spotters.  

Bodhitrix cannot accept responsibility for any injury caused whilst using our Players Deck.