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The L Basing Compendium

A perfect gift for the AcroYoga junkie 

Introducing the L Basing Compendium, a series of illustrated cards that are a follow up to The Players Deck but with a focus on L basing acrobatic poses.  Think one base on their back balancing a flyer either on their feet, their hands or both.

The L Basing Compendium comprises of a whopping 116 cards; sourced from recycled FSC stock and produced by an ISO14001 compliant, environmentally sound printers.  These cards are bound together by a nickel hinged ring and encased in an organic cotton ethically sourced bag.   

Dimensions: w90mm, h130mm, d45mm.  Weight: 56g

These cards can be used to help plan a sequence for either an AcroYoga or acrobalance class, workshop or pulled out like a deck of cards for impromptu play or jamming.

 The L Basing Compendium has 108 illustrated balances made up of: –

  • flying therapeutics (24 cards);
  • acrobatic balances on feet (42 cards);  and
  • acrobatic balances on hands (42 cards).

In addition to these L Basing balances are six  playing cards that give suggestions on how to prepare a sequence on the balances presented.

Here is a sample of what the compendium looks like.

What these cards are not:

These cards should not replace the knowledge and expertise of an experienced teacher or attending regular acrobatic / AcroYoga or other regular appropriate trainings.  There are no explanations given and we recommend attending classes with a certified professional or training with regular partners and spotters.  

Bodhitrix cannot accept responsibility for any injury caused whilst using our products. 

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