The App

This App is no longer available.  We ran out of funds to keep it going, but it was a great idea while it was live.

The Bodhitrix Acro App 

We have taken on the ideas of The Players Deck and have adapted it into a smartphone game format that randomly creates sequences for training, classes, workshops and or for acro jams.  Our App presents our first series the L Basing Acro Collection and available on Android and iOS

About the App

An instructional guide to the App

The additional collections in the pipeline are: –


Be aware there are no instructions given in the app.  It is assumed that you, as the user have some experience in and will work safely, to your level and limitation. If however, there are questions on how to transition into and out of the poses presented please consult with your local AcroYoga or acrobatics teacher or feel free to post them up on the Bodhitrix FaceBook page