L Basing Acro Collection

The Bodhitrix App presents its first collection on L basing partner balances.

The L basing acro collection is drawn from and influenced by AcroYoga and European partner acrobatics.  This is the first collection of our Bodhitrix App for smartphones and eventually tablets.

The collection consists of a series of partner balances presented as a virtual game to create sequences for training, classes, workshops or for acro jams.  Our aim is to inspire the experienced acrobatic enthusiast,  practitioner or teacher, in the randomness of chance and unfolding play.

The complete collection consists of 84 balances presented as follows: –

  • Welcome Pack 36 images on 6 dice
  • Advanced Set A (Add-Ons) 24 images on 4 dice
  • Advanced Set B (Add-Ons) 24 images on 4 dice

The information presented above details:-

  • the most recognisable name of the balance, however, it has not been possible to list all the names for the image presented;
  • additional descriptive information; and
  • in brackets the primary balancing points in this case body part to body part.

There is also a Playing Dice which gives suggestions on how you can use balances presented.  It is your choice whether to use the Playing Dice to dictate how you play or not.s

The App is available on Android and iOS.

About the App


Be aware there are no instructions given with these images.  It is assumed that you, as the user have some experience in L basing acrobatics and will work safely, to your level and limitation. If however, there are questions on how to transition into and out of the balances presented please consult with your local AcroYoga or acrobatics teacher or feel free to post them up on the Bodhitrix FaceBook page

Bodhitrix encourages safe play and recommends you follow our safety guidelines.